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Melbourne Wellness Retreat - Nov 4th

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Meet Founder Caitlin Reid: Physiotherapist & Health & Wellness Professional

Hi there! I'm Caitlin and my mission is to make wellness fun and inspiring through retreats and products. I use evidence-based science to help inform the health and wellbeing choices of people like you. 

I'm so grateful to have been invited to work as a visiting practitioner at the world's best wellness retreats including Chiva Som - Thailand, Ananda Spa - India, and Svarga Loka - Bali, and curated my learnings into exciting retreats full of laughs just for you.

Let me help you or your brand join the exciting world of wellness with a fun and balanced approach.

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Exciting news! Our founder is a guest on US podcast Wellness Force!

 Listen to her chat about how breaking her back inspired her to join the world of wellness.