Top 5 reasons you’re not getting enough sleep

In modern society, we’re sleeping less than ever before with almost one in two people surviving on six hours or less sleep a night. In 1942 that number was less than 8% of the population. Why are we sleeping less than ever before?

 Stunning bedrooms at Wellness Retreat Svarga Loka, Bali 

Stunning bedrooms at Wellness Retreat Svarga Loka, Bali 

1. Longer commutes

Housing prices and urban sprawl mean people are commuting for longer than ever. Rather than skip a cup of tea with their partners though, most people are foregoing sleep to maintain the same amount of interaction with their families.

5 reasons you can't sleep

2. Screen time past lights out

If you relish an end of the day catch up on your favourite Instagram accounts when your head is on the pillow, you’re starving your body of melatonin. Melatonin is the snazzy hormone that says ‘time to sleep’ and inducts your body into its sleep-ready state.

3. Saying “I’m busy” is a new trend

If you’re really busy, you’re probably not sleeping very much. Sadly, ‘being busy’ has become a badge of honour. In 2018 you’re far more likely to hear the man on the train next to you saying “I’m just so busy this week’ instead of ‘I had the best, longest sleep last night.’

Check out this story of how a Kiwi woman transitioned from busyness to calm here.

top reasons you're not sleeping enough

4. Caffeine is part of our daily routine

Coffee is delicious, but it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which triggers the ‘fight or flight’ part of the brain, instead of the ‘rest and digest’ system that helps relax us. If you’re constantly ready to fight off a bear thanks to caffeine-induced adrenaline, you’re unlikely to be sleeping well.

Learn more about how too much caffeine can cause you to be 'Accidentally Anxious' below:

5. We’re always available thanks to tech

When your boss sends an urgent email at 9pm, you can’t really ignore it in this day and age. Luckily for most people, urgent late-night emails aren’t a reality, however most of us voluntarily check work emails and documents after leaving the office. By always being available, we’re less able to switch off our brains from ‘problem solving work mode’ to rest and relaxation mode that helps prepare us for sleep. 

Here's the good news

By making a small change to your lifestyle and any of the things above, you can make a huge change to your sleep and energy levels.

Learn what small changes can make the greatest difference below:

Aprivé Wellness Meditation.jpg

What do you think makes it hard for you to sleep?

Wellness Retreats in Melbourne: What happens on a retreat?

Our last wellness retreat in June was a huge success, and our next event on November 4th is set to be even better!

With healthy movement classes, a nutrition workshop with naturopath and nutritionist Stephanie of The Luxton Clinic, plus an interactive stress and goal setting workshop; our next event can't be missed!

What did we do at the last retreat?

1. Pilates and yoga fusion class

No experience was needed for this movement class that challenged 12 womens' core strength, breathing and flexibility. This class was the perfect way for the guests to learn about the importance muscles require to keep their spines in perfect health.

2. Morning tea by Seedling Cafe

Power balls and chia puddings packed full of goodies were the perfect way for guests to stay full of energy for the morning after the tough class!

3. Nutrition workshop

Learning how to stay healthy in winter is always baffling, but our guests loved our nutrition workshop that covered everything from stress eating to vitamin C-rich foods.

melbourne wellness retreat workshop

4. Lunch at Laneway Greens and a goal-setting session

Laneway Greens is well known for it's amazing food, and I had to share it with my guests. We popped downstairs from the studio for a healthy lunch, before heading back upstairs for a goal-setting session.

Lunch retreat wellness melbourne

5. Stretch class and meditation

Stretching with slow breathing and dim lights are the perfect way to wind down a busy day, and all the guests slowly relaxed into the stretch class. We followed with 10 minutes of breathing meditation.

Wellness retreat

What our guests thought:

I recently was lucky enough to experience one of Caitlin's urban retreats in Melbourne and it was amazing! It was such a great day, and recommend it to anyone in need of a pick-me-up. Caitlin is lovely and knows a lot about anything to do with your mind-body connection so you'll learn some take-home tips as well. Thanks again Caitlin, can't wait for the next one - Sab, Melbourne
I did the June Retreat in Melbourne with Caitlin and was so impressed. I had such a beautiful day and came away feeling refreshed, empowered, relaxed and ready to take on some new challenges! The food was so great and super nourishing. I learnt a lot about nutrition and Caitlin's knowledge of the body is impressive. Loved it so much - my sister and I did it together! - Lizzie, Melbourne

A huge thank you to all the wonderful brands who contributed to this event: Wolf + Sun, The Good Seed Kefir, Freedom Spices and Organic Angels.

An even bigger thank you to the wonderful guests who attended. I always feel so lucky to meet wonderful women and share all the wellness gems I've learned on my travels.